The Last Podcast
Episode 201

The Last Podcast Ep 201 - Seeing Double Standard

Karli Winata published on

Today the duo covers the dicey world of the double standard. No, not the gender kind. What are we, high class? We’re talking about double standards in video games! Why do we criticize one game for one issue while letting other games get away with the same thing? Heady stuff, I know. Before then, we cover a slew of PS4 news like having sold 30 million units and stuff. In other non-PS4 news, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided got delayed. In games, Mario plays Destiny, because of course he did, but he did find time to roam the nuclear wastelands though. Karli experienced a kind of Nintendo renaissance among other things. And also Indivisble.
Today’s music is courtesy of Fallout 4.

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