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The Last Podcast Episode 0

Karli Winata published on

Every story has a beginning, the best of stories always seem to have a prequel. We at The Last Podcast are not exempt. Actually, this recording was so bad we decided to bury it next to the legendary E.T. cartridges until we decided that it was so bad, that it was good. Call this a test or a demo, just don not say we did not warn you when you hear us go off topic for minutes at a time and not seeming to know a thing about, well anything.

We talk news with Call of Duty: Black Ops and The Call of Duty franchise in general as it dominated the headlines. We went off topic to talk TV Fall Schedule and just because Karli cannot get it off his mind, porn. Unfortunately, for Mike, CnB, we disparage his character, his position with RRB Games and because I was on a roll his humanity. Listen, laugh with us, or at us-we probably deserve it, but let us know what you think.

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