A Healthy Dose of Inspiration, Insight, & Insanity from My Grandkids & Me

Join me and the kids, Novalee, Peyton, Nolan, and Addison along with Patti (Grandma), and the rest of the family as I go through life with my grandkids and share each journey with you.

This year is exciting as I go back to school. That's right I am going back to kindergarten with Peyton, our five-year-old. I will be her teaher while she begins her second semeter of kindergarten at a local Charter School. I'll be her at home teacher. So get ready for some funny episodes as I go back to school.

Along with this there is the never ending stories of the kids as they hang with Papa and Grandma's house. There is never a dull moment when the kids are in the house and coming this year the kids will be in the house more often as we babysit Peyton and her sister Addison.

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