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Episode 39

Western Civilization

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What makes Western Civilization so great? What makes it worth defending? What caused this classical liberal and eventually voluntarist ideology to arise out of it? What is causing it to fall apart? Tonight we talk to Brendan about western civilization in general.

A clarification from Brendan:

“I think perhaps I misspoke when I said that we, in the AnCap movement are somewhat reluctant to engage in Nietzsche’s “critical history”. For what is our re-evaluation of the state BUT critical history? What perhaps I should have said, is that I think our critical history avoids treading into certain areas, specifically metaphysical beliefs. In the recent past this would mean Christianity, but today it could just as well be materialism, scientism, and the myth of progress. I also said that we, in the modern era, both suffer from too much critical history and do not go far enough. How is this possible and not a contradiction? I mean that today everything great (monumental), everything sustaining (antiquarian) is doubted and questioned and condemned. The left suffers from too much critical history, and the left is everywhere. Yet, at the same time, they have not gone deep enough to the core issues of their dissatisfaction. They have not questioned their fundamental desires for equality, utopia, and democracy. This spilling out – this turning from one aspect to another of our collective past and seeking to destroy it – part of this is perhaps simply reflexive. Raised on a diet of critical engagement, we have lost the taste for the monumental and the antiquarian. But perhaps it is also just because we refuse to go deeply enough in our criticism, down to the levels of fundamental values and assumptions, that we find ourselves spreading out “horizontally”? For we suffer from the past and need to be liberated from our suffering. Unable to pull out the thorn, Western Culture thrashes like an animal. Is it dying or merely sick? If it is sick how can it be healed? If it is dying, how can a just order come after?”

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