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Danger Boi - Jeremy Molt

Jeremy started following off-road racing at a young age, meeting drivers like Ivan "the Iron Man" Stewart and Robby Gordon fueled his passion for the sport.  He likes a good Whiskey while enjoying good company.  Jeremy strikes up a conversation where ever he finds himself.  He loves adventure and finds himself doing something unexpected every now and again.

Nick The Dick - Nick Hummel

Nick is an auto enthusiast with multiple track days at (tracks?).  He enjoys going to the range to target practice and hone his shooting skills.  Nick enjoys a good scotch with a Cigar and a poker game from time to time.  He will keep you riveted with his funny antics and quick wit. 

Contact info: Bacardikid68@yahoo.com




Henry ManciniRCA Victor. (1959). Peter Gunn - Cover Jeremy Molt 

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