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Episode 12

Inside The Feminine Mind with Ana Maria

Austin Komarek published on

This episode is the second installment of the Inside The Feminine Mind series and in it I interview Ana Maria Montoya. Ana Maria is single female living in California. Professionally she is a screenwriter and is currently open to finding the right man to integrate into her life. In this interview some of the concepts we cover are attraction, chemisty, men's mistakes and killing rainbows. 

Show Notes

1:28: Ana Maria’s Background

2:26 Is there some conflict between focusing on career and attracting a partner?

2:57 Do you see yourself being married?

3:16 What type of man are you most interested in attracting, what are his qualities?

4:42 On killing rainbows when on a date, the rainbow killer

5:50: On neediness and killing attraction

6:14 What are some of the biggest pitfalls and mistakes that men make when dating?

9:06 What does your ideal date look life?

10:58 How do you want to integrate with a man?

11:37 On Chemistry, the x-factor

12:40 What does it mean to be a gentleman?

14:26 What are some things a man would do that make you feel cherished?

16:28 Why have so many men fallen off track and don’t know how to please a woman?

18:02 On the bad boy and the hard to get man

20:00 On characters and the two kinds of people

20:54 Are men designed to be monogamous?

22:41 Have you ever been played by a player? What happened?

25:43 Are you are attracted to older or younger men?

28:02 Is there a physical attribute that you are most attracted to?

31:22 What is the most extraordinary thing a man has ever done for you?

33:49 What is a way that a guy could approach you and grab your attention?

35:05 On being cool or lack thereof

36:38 How does a man show you that he is connected with your heart?

39:36 What are the top three attributes of a Dynamic Ideal Man?


Intro Music "Falling Down" By Ryan Little

Outro Music "Excuses" By Ryan Little

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