The Mantoring Podcast

Episode 9

Inside The Feminine Mind with Caitlin

Austin Komarek published on

This is the first episode of the Inside The Feminine Mind series. The ITFM series are interviews focused on discovering women’s perspectives on everything from sex and attraction to relationships and values. 


In this inaugural episode in the ITFM series I interview Caitlin Winkley from Boulder, Colorado. Caitlin is a life coach and is currently working on attracting the perfect man into her life. She shares freely her views on a variety of fascinating questions that I asked her about men.  


Show Notes:

1:30 Caitlin’s background

3:11 What was it about the guys you were dating that was “non-stickable”?

3:46 Are expectations established early on when dating man?

4:41 What are some of the questions a guy could ask you that lets you know he “gets it”

5:09 What is your ideal date? What does that look like?

5:51 What is most important about being courted? What’s most enjoyable about being courted?

6:55 Have you ever asked out a guy? Or is that a man’s responsibility?

7:49 What is a way that a man would engage with you in public that would seem not like a pick up line?

9:10 Ever had any cheesy pick up lines thrown at you?

10:03 What tells you you are dealing with a mature man?

10:56 Are you attracted to older or younger men or both and why?

11:22 What sparks chemistry and attraction?

13:21 How important is how a man dresses?

14:45 What are the most essential emotional components that you look for in a man?

15:45 How important is money and business success?

16:19 Does the nice guy ever get the girl or stay with the girl?

16:58 Do you want to tame the wild guy?

17:39 Let’s talk about the friend zone

20:54 What is the most romantic thing a man has ever done for you? How did that make you feel?

22:44 What are the biggest mistakes and pitfalls a man can make in dating and relationships?

24:05 Could the right guy go home with you on the first date?

26:07 Are we designed to be monogamous?

28:12 What tells you that a guy is committed to you?

29:28 What are the top three things you would want a man to value?

30:48 Describe the perfect marriage for you?

33:35 What are the top three attributes of a dynamic ideal man?


Intro Music: "Falling Down" By Ryan Little

Outro Music: "Excuses" By Ryan Little

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