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Episode 6

Interview with Bronze Star Medal Recipient, Dr. Ryan Engelhardt

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In this episode I pick the brain of Bronze Star Veteran, Dr. Ryan Engelhardt.  Ryan was a division 1 NCAA wrestler for North Dakota State University. Ryan is veteran of the Iraq war where he served our country as medical operations officer, during which time he was awarded the bronze star. The Bronze Star is a U.S. military decoration awarded for bravery, acts of merit or meritorious service.

Ryan and I met three months ago at the wedding of a mutual best friend. We had a blast together shooting fireworks off of the hotel roof and singing “Baby Got Back” on stage at a dueling piano bar. After the wedding weekend a friendship between us was born.  Ryan is good man, a deep thinker and someone who lives with integrity.


Show Notes

-What were some of the earliest lessons you were taught about being a man? 1:45

-Did you have good role models? Ryan shares about his father 3:41

-Ryan’s origins as a man and pivotal decisions made as a young man 4:45

-On the push to move into active duty military 8:17

-What lessons about being a man did you take away from being in the military? 9:37

-How to dig for the positive in any situation and on moving beyond negativity 11:29

-The Cultural frustration of “Data Diabetes” and commentary on how we are taught 13:00

-On the un-evolved American education and the rise of cynicism 14:30

-When did Ryan first feel like he had become a man?  17:57

-Ryan’s advice for his 17 year-old self  19:00

-How Ryan seeks adventure and his sense of freedom in life 19:20

-Who are Ryan’s Heroes?  22:16

-The influence on Ryan by the works of Marcus Aurelius, Ayn Rand and Seneca 24:01

-What brings Ryan joy and fulfillment? 25:35

-What does the world need more of out of men? 26:00

-What qualities of manhood is Ryan trying to cultivate right now? 27:19

-Making the bed and morning routines 28:50

-What are the top three attributes of the dynamic ideal man?  31:05


-On the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling  31:53


Music "Falling Down" By Ryan Little

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