The Mantoring Podcast

Episode 5

Interview with Filmmaker Gregg Marks

Austin Komarek published on

In this episode I interview the filmmaker and modern day renaissance man, Gregg Marks. I’ve known Gregg for over three years and shared some incredible experiences with him.  After traveling to Peru together, he and I were bonded as friends.


Gregg is best known for his work on the films May I Be Frank and Love Bomb. However, Gregg is also a talented musician and photographer.  Gregg is a man who is in touch with the deeper parts of him self. He is not afraid to share from his heart and continues to strive to be his best self in life.


Gregg shares about his journey from the marketing world of Manhattan to the filmmaking career he now enjoys in San Francisco. The current film project of Gregg, The Forgiven, investigates the power of forgiveness in the lives of violent criminals. Gregg is inspired to pursue projects that have a positive effect on humanity.  He reveals to the listener a great commentary on trusting in the process of life and following his passion to create meaningful media.


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