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Episode 7

Interview with Order of Man founder, Ryan Michler

Austin Komarek published on

In this episode I interview Ryan Michler. Ryan is the founder of the Order of Man website, blog and podcast. Order of Man is a community of motivated and ambitious men working to improve in all areas of life. The Order of Man is focused on a wide variety of topics and facets of manhood ranging from self mastery to finance. Ryan is also a committed husband, father of three, Army veteran and financial advisor. 

What you will hear from listening to Ryan is that he is a man who has his values and priorities in the right place. His path in life is parallel to my own and we are both on a journey of self-discovery with our projects. Although it didn’t make it into this podcast Ryan shared with me some insider tips on how to make my Podcast better, some of which I implemented on this episode. It’s exciting to know that Ryan is an ally on the path of helping men become better men. He's doing great work in the world and proving to be a valuable man in our society.


Show Notes

About Ryan and his reasons for staring Order of Man 1:34


What were some of the earliest lessons you learned about being a man? 3:08


Ryan’s male role models 4:19


How did becoming a father change your idea about what it means to be a man? 5:00


What are the rites of passage that Ryan is working through with his children? 6:04


When have you felt most alive and inspired in life? 7:23


If you could go back to your 20 year-old self and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be? 9:18 


Was there a time in you life when you first felt you had become a man? 10:12


Ryan’s experiences in the Army 11:35


What were the lessons you took home from your experience of war? 12:49


Ryan’s morning routine 15:30


What books are you reading right now? 16:40


What qualities of manhood are you currently trying to cultivate? 17:48


What do you consider to be a successful life? 19:21


Who is your hero, real or fictional? 20:56


What does the world need now more then ever from men? 22:10


What are the ways you are seeking out to experience freedom in life? 23:49


What are the top 3 attributes of a dynamic ideal man? 25:30



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