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Episode 13

Interview with Speaker, Trainer and Police Officer... Aaron Keith Hawkins

Austin Komarek published on

In this episode I interview Aaron Keith Hawkins. 6 years ago Aaron had a near death experience that woke him up to the reality that he was not fulfilling his full potential, that there was more for him to give in this life. In the interview we talk about that turning point for him, what happened and where it has led him in life. Aaron has spent the majority of his life as a police officer and is now transitioning into becoming a full time speaker, trainer and life development coach. He also recently began his own podcast called Best Life of Your Life, check it out on iTunes, link found below the show notes. 


Show Notes:

1:45 Aaron’s turning point in life.

6:14 What was your line of work before your turning point?

8:03 What were some of the decisions made at your turning point that helped you right the direction of your life?

11:11 What is your degree in?

11:25 What were some of the lessons about yourself and being a man that you took away from being a police officer. 

14:53 Tell us about the work you are engaged in now?

19:53 If you could go back to your 20 year old self and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

22:18 What are your benchmarks that you measure your personal success?

27:06 What can we learn from vulnerability?

32:44 How are you working through the current criticisms of police officers in the media?

39:57 What does the world need more of from men?

43:23 What are the top three attributes of a dynamic ideal man?


Check out Aaron online at


Check out Aaron’s Podcast, Best Life of Your Life

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