The Mantoring Podcast

Episode 11

Interview with Style Girlfriend founder, Megan Collins

Austin Komarek published on

In this episode I interview Megan Collins. Megan is the founder of Style Girlfriend, a website focused on helping real men hone in and improve their personal style. Megan's site is like having a female friend who can help steer you in the right direction of personal style.  Her site offers men tips and advice from a supportive female point of view. Style Girlfriend covers topics ranging from food and travel to fitness and fashion. Megan also has a great YouTube channel where she interacts with her audience in a fun and lively way. Check out the Style Girlfriend website to further your journey of personal style development.

Show Notes

1:26 What is the premise of Style Girlfriend how did it begin?

4:16 Tell me about 2015 Men’s Fashion Week?

8:12 Why are so many men lacking in the style department?

12:38 What are your thoughts on the idea of “dressing your age”

14:30 What are the key components to good fit for shirts and pants?

19:34 If a man was going to invest $100-200 on one item to make a statement what would it be?

21:18 Beard or No Beard?

21:54 What are the 3 most styles conscious everyday footwear options?

25:07 Do you do personal style consulting?

26:15 If you were to start working one on one with someone, what are the questions you would ask to begin honing in on improving their style?

27:55 What about a man grabs your attention when you're out in public?

29:53 What are the top three attributes of a Dynamic Ideal Man?


Intro Music “Excuses” By Ryan Little


Outro Music “Falling Down” By Ryan Little

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