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The Five Lessons I Learned From Training My Dog and How They Can Help You Be a Better Man

Austin Komarek published on

In this episode I share with the listener the five lessons that I took away from training my dog and how they can help you be a better man. 


0:44 Background on my dog, Bloom.

2:23 Lesson #1: Dogs are continually testing the social hierarchy to figure out where they fit in.

5:11 Lesson #2: Whoever holds the hierarchy position of alpha is leading the engagement.

6:15 Lesson #3: It's not so much what I say, but how I say that matters.

10:39 Lesson #4: When the stimulus is at its highest is when the training counts most.

14:09 Lesson #5: The training never ends.


Intro and Outro Music: "Falling Down" By Ryan Little

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