The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 38

A Not-So-Brief Personal History of Cell Phones

Matt Adams published on

In this episode, the hosts giddily discuss their new smartphones and take listeners on a journey through the various phones they've had through the years.

Show rundown:

  • Introduction and new phones: 00:00-17:34
  • Nokia 3310 and phone cards: 17:34-21:10
  • Flip phones: 21:10-23:25
  • Motorola Razr and Blackberry: 23:25-28:40
  • Donate Your Phones: 28:40-33:30
  • iPhone 3G: 33:30-38:45
  • The Motorola Atrix Experiment: 38:45-41:35
  • Our Tragic Windows Phone Love Affair: 41:35-51:00
  • Android redux: 51:00-55:00
  • New phones wrap and signoff: 55:00-end


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