The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 50

Awesome Mix Vol. 4: 2007 Transformers Movie, Christmas Break, Pacers & Colts

Matt Adams published on

In this "Awesome Mix" episode, Matt covers a range of topics, including his take on the 2007 Transformers movie, final preparations for Christmas, the suddenly stumbling Indiana Pacers, and the resilient Indianapolis Colts.

  • Intro and Transformers 2007 Discussion: 00:00-18:00
  • Studicus Selects, My Christmas Vacation, and CafePress frustration: 18:00-31:18
  • Indiana Pacers Stumble: 31:18-37:41
  • Indianapolis Colts and a Pro Bowl Snub: 37:41-end

You can read Studicus Selects 2018 at this link.

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