The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 105

Denis V's Dune: The Anne and Matt Spoilercast Spectacular

Matt Adams published on

In this very special episode, Anne and Matt break down the new Dune movie from two very different perspectives. Matt approaches it as a relatively new fan who's read the first book and has a passing knowledge of the Dune universe. Anne, on the other hand, lends her perspective as a complete newcomer to the series. They'll discuss the movie, the music, the cinematography, Oscar Isaac's incredible hair and beard, bagpipe music, and the tragic fate of House Atreides. PLUS: creepy space witches, the influence of Dune on other science fiction sagas, Zendaya in a music video, and how pairing a normal first name like "Duncan" with a state like "Idaho" makes for a really good laugh.

Note: This podcast was recorded the day before Dune: Part Two got the green light

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