The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 52

Matt and Anne's Belated Year in Review

Matt Adams published on

In this first episode of 2019, Matt and special correspondent Anne belatedly discuss their year in review. Join them as they welcome a new pet to the family, share some funny stories about their turtle, reflect on the Indianapolis Colts season, and offer their thoughts on the many, many movies they saw in the theater. Not brought to you by Sprite, a product of the Coca-Cola Company.

Show order:

  • 00:00-6:00: Introduction, a "new sponsor" and Studicus Selects
  • 6:00-36:10: The Lenny and Willy Show
  • 36:10-43:35: Matt's NBA career with the Sacramento Kings
  • 43:35-1:02:30: New 4K TVs for everyone!
  • 1:02:30-1:10:33: A failed upgrade and Galaxy of awesome
  • 1:10:33-1:19:10: A new printer and computer
  • 1:19:10-1:24:43: Indianapolis Colts recap
  • 1:24:43-1:29:52: Pacers, Victor's injury, and some game memories
  • 1:29:52-1:33:15: First Year of the Matt Adams Podcast
  • 1:33:15-end: AMC Stubs A-List and our year in movies

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