The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 103

MORTAL KOMBAT! plus Captain America and Sergeant Barnes

Matt Adams published on

In this episode, the hosts discuss the new Mortal Kombat movie and give their take on the recently completed six-episode run of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney+. Points of discussion include the necessity of POV character in the MK movie, the MCU's attempt to grapple with the real-world impact of Thanos' snap, Anne's pervasive dislike of John Walker, and the lunacy of just handing the Captain America title to some military guy. Plus: Matt languishes in the minors in MLB The Show 21, Kano says the F-word a lot, and a brief discussion of diet soda.

Show order

  • Intro and Mortal Kombat: 00:00-35:28
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 35:28-1:20:52
  • What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? and close 1:20:52-close
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