The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 35

Our Favorite Movie Villains

Matt Adams published on

Anne and Matt discuss their favorite villains and antagonists from the silver screen in this super-sized episode. Who made the list? Find out in this action (and movie clip)-packed edition of the podcast.

Show order

  • Intro and criteria discusion 00:00-11:55 
  • Anne on Disney villains: 11:55-20:10
  • He tasks me: 20:10-26:55
  • No laughing matter: 26:55-39:00
  • A walk on the dark side: 39:00-46:25
  • Don't name him! 46:25-55:15
  • It's a sweater! 55:15-1:01:50
  • A fall from Nakatomi Plaza: 1:01:50-1:06:05
  • The bad son: 1:06:05-1:07:30
  • Liquid metal: 1:07:30-1:08:50
  • An honorable man: 1:08:50-1:15:00
  • They switched the samples: 1:15:00-1:20:10
  • Sleeping at the movies: 1:20:10-1:25:10
  • Honorable mentions and closing: 1:25:10-end

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