The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 69

Six Stones to Peggy

Matt Adams published on

In this special episode, the hosts read Six Stones to Peggy, a short story inspired by Avengers: Endgame. Matt's been working on the 8,200-word story for the last few weeks. He finalized a draft with Anne's help and they decided to make a radio play of sorts out of it. 

How did Steve Rogers return the Infinity Stones? What happened to the legendary super soldier as he traveled through time and space once again to put the Time, Mind, Space, Reality, Power, and Soul stones in their rightful places?

Those are questions Avengers: Endgame doesn't answer. Maybe the MCU will tell the story one day with a comic book or novel giving the "official" tale of Steve's trip, but until then, this is how Matt and Anne imagine it happened.

The runtime is approximately 45 minutes. Profuse apologies for the character impressions.

 You can read the online version here.

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