The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 46

The College Radio Episode

Matt Adams published on

In this episode, Matt discusses his years in college radio. Learn about the lost "Saturday Morning MattPack Christmas Special" and  prepare youself for some embarrassing stories about his musical tastes.

  • Intro: 00:00-4:15
  • Madden 19 deal: 4:15-8:55
  • Christmas already and The Lost Episode: 8:55-14:45
  • College radio and the Saturday Morning MattPack: 14:45-24:30
  • Secrets: 24:30-28:15
  • The Greatness of Neil Diamond: 28:15-32:30
  • PSAs, MiniDiscs, and WFCI: 32:30-42:40
  • Hanover still sucks and closing: 42:40-end
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