The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 94

Transformers: The Movie

Matt Adams published on

In this episode, the hosts discuss Transformers: The Movie, the 1986 film that ruined Matt's childhood. They compare it to G.I. Joe: The Movie, which they discussed in a previous podcast. Matt recounts hisĀ "traumatic" memory of seeing the Transformers movie as a kid with his brother and grandmother. Does Rodimus Prime suck? Did Robert Stack's voicework save the movie? And, really, man, what's up with the music? Why doesn't everyone know the name "Stan Bush?"

In "What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing?", the hosts talk about the new season of The Alienist and delve a little into the new Netflix Transformers series, among other topics.

Show order

  • Open and Transformers: The Movie: 00:00-39:50
  • What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? and close: 39:50-end
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