The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 101

Video Store Memories and the Mexican Pizza Hut

Matt Adams published on

In this episode, Anne and Matt discuss The Last Blockbuster, a documentary currently streaming on Netflix (oops...the hosts said "Bern" when they meant "Bend") and recount some of their favorite video store memories (such as the time Matt and his brother insisted their parents rent Return of the Jedi yet again). Plus: the Mexican Pizza Hut, the true meaning of "closed for renovations," Matt and Anne's real-life "meet cute," and more of Zack Snyder's Justice League.

In "What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing?", Anne discusses her unsettling current audiobook while Matt talks about his latest authorial endeavor and gives an update on Also Starring Brock Calhoun As Himself.

Show order

  • 00:00-17:40: Intro and The Last Blockbuster
  • 17:40-23:10: The Ballad of the Mexican Pizza Hut and other curiosities
  • 23:10-38:27: The Fall of Blockbuster and video store nostalgia
  • 38:27-59:34: The Catch and an “Anne Movie”
  • 59:34-end: What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? and close

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