The Matt Adams Podcast
Episode 68

X-Men Marks the Spot and an Impromptu Indy 500 Discussion

Matt Adams published on

With Dark Phoenix approaching, Anne and Matt reflect on the X-Men movie franchise and its completely messed up continuity under Fox. What's the future of the X-Men movies under Disney? Anne touts the virtues of working in customer service. Matt buys a cheap tablet because he's "thrifty." For some reason, there's a 13-minute discussion about the 103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500.

  • Intro and the X-Men movies 00:00-18:24
  • What will Disney do with the X-Men? 18:24-30:46
  • An impromptu “Tales from the Movie Theater” and customer service 30:46-34:37
  • An impromptu Indy 500 discussion: 34:37-47:42
  • Next Movie Power Rankings: 47:42-1:00:16
  • What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? and close 1:00:16-end

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