The Men who Stare at Movies Podcast
Episode 25


J. Tovey published on

This week, Quirky and Jack delve into one of the weirder biopics out there, as well as discuss the upcoming Bond film and both Star Wars AND Star Trek news.


0:30 – Oscars introduce new Popular Film category

6:13 –Sony’s Venom movie won’t be R-rated

11:18 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix is undergoing massive reshoots, future looks uncertain

13:45 – Fox is making third Kingsman film and Kingsman prequel film back to back

15:53 – Star Trek 4 can’t afford Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth

19:20 – Fox announces films for The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers are in production

22:02 – Danny Boyle departs Bond 25 over creative differences

24:48 – Ewan McGregor announces that there isn’t a Kenobi film in development

27:52 – Kevin Spacey’s new film flops hard

Feature Presentation: Blackkklansman

31:05 – Non-Spoilers

41:23 – Spoilers

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