The Mile High Ground

Episode 4

End of 2018 Colorado Store Championships & Looking Ahead

Jonathan Johnson published on

Hello, and welcome to Episode 4 from the Mile High Ground crew!

Preface from Jon: Sorry for the extended silence - we actually recorded this episode a few weeks ago, and there were just a lot of things in personal lives going on at the time that slowed down the process of producing this episode.  With that said, we hope you enjoy!




Store Championship reviews:

  • Wizard's Chest [Standard] (Winner: Kyle w/ Hondo/Yoda)
  • Inconcievable Games [Standard] (Winner: Paul w/"Crotch Rocket")
  • Atromic Games West [Trilogies] (Winner: Gabe w/eSnoke/Aphra/BD)

There is some discussion about each of the Store Championships - what we saw at each, how games went with the Mile High team split between Inconcievable and Atomic Games, how Paul and Michael's showdown went, and why Antonio did not tech against 3-wides leading up to the Atomic Games West SC.

UK Nationals:

  • What Won
  • What was prevalent

How the Mile High Team feels about the current meta

  • Some sideboard discussion
  • Some downsides of the meta

Discussion of fun, janky decks the Mile High Team is looking forward to.

Short discussion on upcoming Across the Galaxy stuff/spoilers from Nova

Walker Classic News


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