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Join the Mile High Ground Podcast as Michael and Jon both go over introductions and talk about Star Wars: Destiny.  

A few corrections:

There were a few incorrect Store Championship Dates announced on the show:

The Haunted Game Cafe does not have a date set, and Olympus Games and Comics in Cheyenne, Wyoming has their Store Championship scheduled for 8/11/2018.  

We used this episode to test out recording, edits, etc, while we await the next set's release next week.

Topics Covered:

  • Objective of the Podcast, duration, etc

  • Who We Are

  • Store Championship Season is here!  Colorado local dates announced.

  • The geography of Store Championships around the country

  • Way of the Force

    • What cards are we each looking forward to?

  • Card Spotlight: Defensive Teaching (featured in the deck below)

  • Deck Spotlight: eObi-Wan + Padawan + Profitable connections


Thanks for giving us a listen!  We'll be back in just a few weeks to talk about our first impressions with Way of the Force, the new set for Star Wars: Destiny releasing on July 5th!


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