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Episode 3

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Hello and thanks for checking out the new episode from the Mile High Ground.  On this episode, Jon, Michael, and Antonio (welcome!) cover:

Introducing Antonio, so that we don't just talk about him behind his back anymore;

GenCon Spoilers

  • New Qui-Gon Jinn
  • X-Wings to counter Tie Fighters
  • New Millenium Falcon with maybe a new symbol??

On to topic of GenCon, we have a North American Champion, who piloted Cassian/Yoda/Anakin to the top spot playing a mill deck!

  • We talk about our expectations out of GenCon, if we were surprised or not, what we expected would be the deck to beat, etc.;

Next we cover the Walker Classic, which is a weekend of Star Wars Gaming occurring in the Denver Area in November this year!

  • Details for the event can be found here: 
    • The event page linked above includes information about the hotel the Walker Classic is being hosted at, if you want to rent a room and come visit out of town, Michael will buy you beers (he said it not me)!

Finally, we recap the 7, yes seven store championships that have occurred since the last time we got an episode up:

  1. Chaos, Games and More - (Yoda/Cassian mill, Michael)

  2. The Nerd Store-  (Luke/Leia mill, Jeremy)

  3. Petrie’s Family Games (Not sure what won, it was a trilogies event though)

  4. Total Escape Games (Yoda/Hondo, Kyle)

  5. Cheyenne’s Store Champ Kit Never Arrived - will reschedule at a later date

  6. Board Fox Games (Cad/Snoke, Dusty)

  7. Haunted Game Cafe (Sabine/Clone Trooper, Michael)

We then discuss store championships, including Michael's two wins, Antonio's two second place victories, and then finish with some discussion on Store Championships and how events have gone and the decks that have been played there, recapping Michael's most recent win with Sabine/Clone Trooper and Antonio's trips to Board Fox Games in Grand Junction, CO!

We discuss if it may be prudent to run 5 rounds rather than 4 for Store Championships, to reward players who play at a higher level of competition.

We briefly then highlight two store championships occurring this (now past) weekend at Gamers Haven in Colorado Springs and our home store, the Wizard's Chest in downtown Denver.  We hoped to have this episode up before the events, but you know, life happens!

Thanks again for listening, and we'll be back soon!


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