The Millennial Movement Podcast
Episode 3

Movement Training vs Self-Study - Teaching Ethically to Empower, not to Make Dependent - Jozef Frucek from Fighting Monkey

Clare Lim published on

Jozef Frucek shared his perspective with us on growing an independent mind and practice in times of AI and robots. We covered how self-study is different from following instructions. Why do raising kids and teaching students have the same ethical responsibilities? How to avoid corrupting one’s own teaching?
Read a few quotes below.

“From the top of your head to the bottom of your body, it’s a whole universe. And the universe is constantly giving you feedback.”

“You cannot educate anyone. You cannot teach anyone. But you can open up their vision.”

"We do many things. […]I never wanted to put all my attention into one thing, then it corrupts. You know if you become a professional movement teacher, well you need more and more students, so you know it corrupts."

"Oh we [Linda and Jozef] never do Netflix and Chill. We are so passionate about what we do, there is no stop!" ;) 

We will leave you with that. Thank you for tuning in! 

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