The Morning Lift

The Morning Lift Podcast is designed to bring you, our audience, the most value possible.  The hosts Ethan DeAbreu and Michael Medina cover a wide variety of topics ranging from fitness, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and mindset. The hosts' genuine attitude and tenacious mindset attract other inspired entrepreneurs that are determined to master their craft.

Ethan DeAbreu is 23 years, graduated from Molloy College in 2017 with his Bachelor's degree in Account. When he isn't losing his mind sitting in his cubicle, he invests his time into personal growth.  He has been a weightlifter for more than ten years, and now trains muscles groups other than the chest. On August 15th, 2018 he published his first book titled, "The Ink of My Soul and The Fire In My Bones" where he shares a story that can be described as " philosophical, poetic, and poignant" Ethan is determined to create a positive impact in the world, and he hopes that his book helps his audience take a more intuitive approach to their own emotions, as well as, become more empathetic to the emotions of others. Ethan has also trained in Mixed Martial Arts for more than a year now and is determined to pursue this passion on a competitve level. Outside of fitness, Ethan is a photographer, @ethan.deabreuphotography on Instagram, and volunteers as a mentor to foster children at "The Family and Children's Association." 


Mike Medina has been a personal trainer for over three years, and a nutrition coach in the last year. Mike graduated with a bachelor's degree in business and also music studies. He spent his nights during college studying and testing to become a Certified Fitness Instructor through the International Sports Science Association, knowing that he wanted to carve his own path in the fitness industry. After college, he began dedicating all of his time to the fitness industry. He has competed in NPC Men's Physique and is continuing his career as a competitor. Outside of the gym, he studies investing, philosophy, anthropology, and of course plays some nasty riffs on the guitar. Mike's goal in the fitness industry is to bring truth and reality back into the fitness industry.


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