The Most Important People in the World

Episode 2

Bill Jenkins

The Most Important People in the World published on

We speak with Pastor Bill Jenkins, author of the new book "Fifteen," and one of the world's greatest experts on the number fifteen. Is the Biblical significance of 15 related to the year 2015? Does the fifteen teams in each Major League Baseball league mean that baseball will be played in the coming year? Does the fact that the US president has fifteen executive departments under him mean that presidents will be in the news? Is this related to Marilyn Manson's tattoo? Does the number fifteen's 42 appearances in the Bible mean that it holds the answer to life, the universe, and everything? But as Pastor Jenkins tells us, "I'm not here to present a message of numerology or something weird!" I guarantee, if you start looking for instances of the number fifteen everywhere, you too will start to see it in many places!

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