The Motor Affair
Episode 30

Porsche's Slowest Sports Car Crosses The Country Twice, Roadside Fixes, and TGIF Flashbacks From 80s Kids w/ Bradley Brownell and Manuel Carrillo III

Patrick Stevenson published on

In this weeks episode, guests Bradley Brownell (@turbOHbrad) of The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast and Manuel Carrillo III (@MC3films) of Internet Brands come on the show. We discuss the slowest Porsche ever made and how Brad drove his across the country twice! Brad says he will make Manuel's #ProjectStork 1977 Porsche 911S run in one day, but does he? We talk about the forming of Radwood and the highlights of the show. We have a TGIF flashback to the 80/90s best friday night shows. We push Brad to write a book, but only if 30 listeners post asking for it on his social media @turbOHbrad on Instagram. Please comment on his photos asking for the book. Enjoy the show!

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