The Motor Affair
Episode 15

The Purist Group with Sean Lee and Johnson Jeng

Jason Connor published on

This week we are joined by Sean Lee founder of The Purist Group and Johnson Jeng creator of many online businesses and ventures. We discuss The Purist Group and how it started to how it's providing valuable services to the community. We also dive into Sean's past adventures as an automotive enthusiasts. Also, human fire extinguishers. Thanks for listening and please rate and review the podcast!

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Jason.....just buy a c6 z51 ls3 corvette or c6 z06. Mileage is nothing on the cars and the prices drop accordingly...why transplant an ls motor into some other 3100 lb vehicle ....when the factory offers this vehicle for chump change these days...want a better's easier and more reliable to fix an interior than swap engines in and out of cars...

    The LS motor and rigid chassis of a corvette c6 is awesome...and a great foundation for performance.

    My purchased since new 2008 c6 z51 stick does zero to sixty in 4 flat, corners at 1.0 lateral cornering g speed is 190 mph stock...

    These are totally stock figures....want more? Why? But if you do..then buy a 2006 c6 z06 ...there were no issues and they are the least expensive.

    C6 z61 high teens, c6 z06 30 grand...the only question is what do you want to spend? Drive for 300k miles and just enjoy...