The Only Opinion That Matters
Episode 29

The Best of E3

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Sometimes we like to throw a curveball at our audience and do a topic that we are EXTRA unqualified to talk about. That's right - this week we are talking everything E3. We cover the presentations from Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, and all the other major companies. Though calling some of these presentations is a bit of a stretch. We are looking at you Square Enix. Let us know your most anticipated games at @OnlyOpinionPod on Twitter and Timestamps below.

Weekly Update

00:45 The Evil Within

3:50 A Lesson on Making Hot Sauce

Album Reviews

7:00 Anthony Green - Would You Still Be In Love

9:00 Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection

Movie Review

11:40 Hereditary

Main Topic

16:30 E3!

17:40 Square Enix

24:35 EA

26:00 Ubisoft

31:15 Bethesda

37:10 Nintendo

39:40 Microsoft

47:00 Sony


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