The Other 40
Episode 8

The Other 40 Episode 8

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The Other 40 Episode 8 is brought to you by @gameding!  In this episode, we discuss the Steam Sale, Arma 3, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Shadowrun Returns, Batman: Arkham Origins, FTL, Gone Home, Super Time Force, Metro 2033, Playstation Now, Evolve, Hearthstone, Resogun, YouTube updates, and much more.  Please send us questions/feedback to, comment below or on Twitter @gameding/@TheOther40Show.  Send us voice messages on our website ( or facebook page ( and we will play and discuss them on the show.  Thank you for downloading the show!  We appreciate all of the support!

EDIT: In the podcast, we state that there is not a demo for Fifa 14 on the Xbox One store. This is incorrect; there is a demo that has been available for quite some time. However, this might be a testament to the convoluted interface that Microsoft is struggling to remedy versus that of the Playstation 4. A special thanks to our commenter below, despite his alarming degree of negativity.

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  • Eric Johnson

    Any dumb ass should be able to find the Fifa Demo that has been on the Xbox One since the launch of the Xbox One.

  • gameding

    Awesome! Thanks for the link. We went to look for it on Xbox One, but didn't see it on the game page. Sony's interface seems to be a little easier to navigate as of right now. We will probably see some updates from Microsoft on the Xbox's interface since the Kinect isn't mandatory anymore. Also, please refrain from negative/hateful comments. This is a conversational podcast between the community and us and we are trying to stay away from the negativity that seems to plague the gaming community these days. Help us make that happen! Take care and happy playing!