The Out of the Box Business
Episode 1

#1 Welcome to The Out of the Box Business Podcast

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Being a small business owner is a lonely occupation, filled with hard work, struggle, doubts , feeling overwhelmed and stuck at times and scared and drained at other moments. Paradoxically, it is also a very exciting and inspiring occupation, where all business owners put their hearts and minds into. No one, except another business owner understands this process and how lonely, frustrating and exhausting it can be,  so this podcast will be for business owners by other business owners that have managed to grow their businesses acquiring in the process Success , Economic Freedom, a sense of Achievement and Growth, The guests of this podcast practice daily Integrity and Ownership instead of complaining or blaming others or the economy, they have understood that they need to include in their lives degrees of  Self-less Contribution in order to experience Connection and in order to fulfill their bigger lifetime Purpose, and lastly, these guests experience,  thanks to their methods and work ethics Freedom,  Joy & Balance.

These entrepreneurs will be sharing with every small business owner who wishes to listen and has an open mind , their strategies and insights, their  values , the lessons they have learned and will give us their recommendations to grow and improve  both our businesses and our personal lives.

The time to come out of the bad economy is now, the tools and mindset needed for this will be here and the effort and work will have to be ours. But we will not be alone, because in this community we will be supporting each other and sharing on what has worked well for us, on the issues that we struggle with and of how to get ahead and succeed

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