The Out of the Box Business
Episode 6

#6 Randy Schwantz, Author of the Wedge, Sales trainer and coach to the Insurance Agencies of America, President of the Wedge Group,

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Randy Schwantz is  an author, speaker and sales coach with 25 years of experience.

He approaches He applies his unusual insights and innovation to many of the topics which concern Insurance Agents and brokers around the world.

Some of these topics are :

-How To Get Your Competition Fired (without saying anything bad about them)

-How To Build a Sustainable High-Growth Sales Culture

– GRIT: How to Find, Hire and Develop REAL Producers (that love to prospect, sell and retain)

– Sell Your Way to Financial Freedom 

Randy Schwantz is President of The Wedge Group, and his client base is formed by insurance agents and brokers that control over a BILLION dollars in commission revenue.

His book, “The Wedge” is referred to by many as the insurance sales bible and as a matter of fact, The Wedge is the reason I came to know about Randy.

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