The People's History of Film

Episode 20

Arthur Gordon

GoodTrash Media published on

Welcome back film historians! This week we continue our ongoing special series of interviews in which every ten episodes Dalton sits down with one of the other main staff members of GoodTrash Media, in order of when they joined the team. For this installment Dalton spoke with Arthur Gordon, who along with Dalton and episode ten guest Dustin Sells is one of the three original hosts of our flagship show, The GoodTrash GenreCast.

The conversation starts with some inside baseball on the production of The People's History of Film, and a bit of marveling on how the hell this all came together. Things then turn to how Arthur found his way into the world of film criticism and analysis. As we begin to actively unravel Arthur's history the conversation gets incredibly personal with little left off the table. The emotion of this episode was so real in fact we couldn't bear to edit a bit of it, so Arthur's dogs even make an appearance as they insisted on distracting Arthur and Dalton from the task at hand.

To get meta for a moment, I (Dalton) am going to switch to the first-person. Generally I stick to writing in the third-person for these posts because, I don't know, it just seems more formal I guess? But I want to say for the record that this may well be one of my very favorite episodes to date. Arthur and I spend a ton of time together, but this is the longest one-on-one conversations we've had that wasn't about our interview and release schedule. It was an absolute joy to dig into our shared love of cinema and realize how much we have in common in terms of how we came to love the movies.

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