The People's History of Film

Episode 52

Dalton Stuart

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Here we are Historians, episode 52. This will be the final episode of the People's History of Film as we go on an indefinite hiatus. When we decided to have this be the last episode, it made sense for Dalton to be the one answering questions. It was always a part of the plan, we just didn't know when to implement it. Once things played out, this made the most sense. Dalton then asked me, Arthur, to write his show notes. Normally Dalton puts the notes together, and I clean them up and publish the post. But, this time he wanted me to say a few words.

I met Dalton in 2012, about 7 months before we started on the podcast adventure. He was loud, opinionated, but funny. When we started podcasting, it was his boistorous and talkative nature that opened me up more and made me more comfortable on a mic. It is fitting that he would want to host his own interview show; he has a knack for talking. But, more than that, he has a gift for getting information out of people. When we sat down to do my interview, at episode 20, it went on to be one of our initial long episodes. For an introvert like me to talk for the better part of 90 minutes in one sitting, it's an impressive feat. And that is the skill that Dalton brings to the craft.

When the momentum began building in his head for this show, this People's History of Film, to become a concrete expedition--I was hesitant. But, now, 52 episodes later. I'm a lot of things; sad and happy, fulfilled, stretched and ultimately proud. Dalton's exercise, while one designed simply for fun, pushed me in many ways that we will talk about. If you've ever listened to this show or the GenreCast, you know Dalton. He's a bit brash, loud, talkative, he cuts people off, he makes jokes that are a bit racist possibly, but he loves movies and he loves talking to people to see why they share a love of cinema. I've been proud to call him a collaborator, but I'm even more proud to call him friend.

This is Dalton Stuart's history of film, get into it.

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