The People's History of Film

Episode 28

Elijah Bailey

GoodTrash Media published on

Welcome once again, friends and enemies alike, to the People’s History of Film. This week, we're back with more local Oklahoma City talent as Dalton talks with the OKC-based podcaster and martial artist Elijah Bailey who hosts The Elijah Bailey Show, A Little Bit o Anime and a ton of other content over at Blacken Studios. Are you ready for Dalton to spend a ludicrous amount of time talking about martial arts and fight choreography? Well, consider yourself warned because that's exactly what happens—for a while... Like a long time.

Anyway, Elijah is an incredibly accomplished martial artist and martial arts instructor so it would've been a waste not to go down that rabbit-hole. Is it self-indulgent? Maybe. Does it make for a great conversation? Absolutely. If that's not your jam, fear not, because there is a ton of other ground covered in this interview. Furthermore, we spend plenty of time going through classic People's History topics like family and the power of film in personal relationships. Strap in. This is Elijah Bailey’s history of film.

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