The People's History of Film

Episode 35

James Nghiem

GoodTrash Media published on

Greetings dearly beloved listeners! Welcome to yet another episode of The People's History of Film. On this episode, Dalton sits down with comedian and art curator (I know right?) James Nghiem. Most recently, he put together Enter through the Drink Shop: A Fake Banksy Art Show. 

James is an acquaintance of Dalton's through the Oklahoma City comedy scene and is legitimately one of the funniest people in this neck of the woods. On top of that though, he is responsible for putting together a series of pop-culture inspired art shows here in OKC that have received nothing short of enthusiastic praise. James has an incredible, swirling vortex of different influences and experience with film that make him a fantastic guest. This was one of the episodes we here at PHoF love putting together. File it in the "interviews with people Dalton kind of knows but has never really talked to" series. This is James Nghiem's history of film—get into it.

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