The People's History of Film

Episode 8

Kaleb Bruza

GoodTrash Media published on

Hello! Welcome back to The People's History of Film! This week we have on actor, and Dalton's good friend, Kaleb Bruza.

That's right. This week. We are now officially a weekly show. Response to the show has been so positive and our guests so generous that you can now look forward to a new interview every single week. Thanks for the support everyone.

Back to the matter at hand though, because this is a fun episode. It's another installment in the "people Dalton is real life friends with" series of interviews. Dalton knows Kaleb as someone he goes to brunch with first and as an actor second, so things quickly steered towards the story of how Kaleb caught the acting bug and what motivates him as a performer. They then move right into the questions proper. That's not to say there aren't a fair number of conversational digressions, including some talk about Dalton and Kaleb's mutual appreciation for women's eyebrows. That's what happens when you get two chatty guys on microphone together.

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