The People's History of Film

Episode 36

Kathy Benjamin

GoodTrash Media published on

Producer's note: We ran into some audio issues with the interview. Arthur and his elves tried to clean most of it, but bare with us. The internet is often a fickle beast. Also, we recorded this in June. So, if some topical references seem slightly dated, now you know why.

Hello friends old and new! Welcome to the People's History of Film! This week Dalton sits down via Skype to talk with author and pop culture commentator Kathy Benjamin. Kathy is a columnist for Cracked and Mental Floss and is the author of Funerals to Die For, a book that delves into funeral rites from around the world. Kathy was a wonderful guest who was ready to laugh and share, which is all we could possibly want from a guest. This is Kathy Benjamin's history of film. Get into it. 

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