The People's History of Film

Episode 48

Keithan Smith

GoodTrash Media published on

Greetings historians! Welcome to another episode of The People’s History of Film. This week Dalton sat down with poet, comedian, and friend of GoodTrash Media Keithan Smith. Dalton and Keithan perform together as part of the OKC comedy group The SAAD Boys. You've heard The SAAD Boys discussed in a handful of previous episodes. In fact, Dalton interviewed both Heath Huffman and Christopher Fox. Other than general self-promotion, Keithan came on the show to talk about the SAAD Boys produced short-film Bean Flute, which is exactly as weird as it sounds. We'll have even more talk of the film in store next week. Keithan has a truly unique and wonderful energy, which made for a one of a kind interview. This is Keithan Smith's history of film. Get into it.

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