The People's History of Film

Episode 14

Laron Chapman

GoodTrash Media published on

Greetings nerds and film historians! Welcome back, or hello for the first time as the case may be. On this week's episode of The People's History of Film Dalton sits down with Oklahoma City filmmaker Laron Chapman. Laron is currently working on his first feature which he wrote and hopes to direct. Laron spends a few moments sharing with me the background of this film, entitled You People. It sounds fantastic. The conversation really gets going with Laron discussing his family, and many great jokes are made while referencing a certain show from the 70s. We then highlight his time as a production assistant and the things that inspire him as a filmmaker.

All of that greatness is just within the opening minutes of the show! Laron is just a delight. Now, normally, these interviews are dropped using a Delorean and some plutonium, but we decided to drop Laron's interview while it was still hot and fresh. You see, Laron is in the midst of a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGOGO as he is trying to raise funds to get You People made. And, as has been the case in the past, GoodTrash loves to help out local filmmakers, especially if they have a unique voice or vision and Laron certainly fits the bill. Now, I'm normally not this rambly, so I think you all know it's time to get into it.


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