The People's History of Film

Episode 18

Michael Cross

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Hello party people! Welcome back to another installment of The People's History of Film. This week we have on the host of The Okie Geek Podcast, Michael Cross. Michael is also the morning voice of KOSU, one of the two NPR affiliates here in Oklahoma. So, that's a little added bonus for some of our local listeners.  This made things especially surreal for Dalton as he has been listening to Michael on the radio for years. The weirdness is short-lived though as Michael and Dalton become fast friends bonding over their shared love of geeky content. Speaking of geeky-stuff, if you're wondering why Dalton and Michael can't stop complaining about Batman v Superman months after its theatrical release, this episode was recorded back in March. They have both since gotten over the movie... Mostly.

So sit down and get ready to rock, in an NPR-interviewy type of way. Michael was a lot of fun and had some great stories for us. Don't forget to go check out The Okie Geek Podcast on Twitter (@OkieGeekPodcast) and on Facebook (@OkieGeekPodcast). Now Historians, its time to get into it.

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