The People's History of Film

Episode 15

Mitch Leasure

GoodTrash Media published on

Welcome back listeners! This week we sit down to talk with Mitch Leasure who works as the warehouse manager for the Oklahoma City based NGP Video Production Services and Equipment Rental. So, if you're about to start working on a film and need the right tools, head over to the NGP website and see what they've got. He also works in film production in the grip and electric departments. Mitch is a self-described proponent of free thought and enjoys his important "leasure" time reading and drumming - he's got jokes, what can I say. 

This is one of those "Dalton tries to make a total stranger be friends with him" episodes and includes some extensive talk about the unique power of film to cultivate a love for music. Mitch knows what he's talking about in this regard and Dalton does his level best to sound like a cool guy with good taste in music, which is something we all know is not the case.

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