The People's History of Film

Episode 24

Vinton Bayne

GoodTrash Media published on

Greetings nerds! Welcome once again to another thrilling episode of The People's History of Film. This week Dalton sits down with Vinton Bayne, the mastermind behind the Graphomania Podcast Network and the co-host of the number one Hamilton podcast in the world, Hamilton The Podcast. Vinton had such a good time with the interview in fact he started a segment on his Read Brave Comics podcast called "The People's History of Comics" where, you guessed it, he talks to people about their personal history with comic books. In fact your fearful host Dalton was Vinton's very first guess. You can hear that right here! Enough of this though, you're here for Vinton Bayne's history of film. Get into it!

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