The Pistonhead Podcast
Episode 20

Dylan Sharpe Racing

Jacob Gettins published on

On this episode we sit down with Mr. Dylan Sharpe, we talk about building another S15, a big year of drifting and a lot of other questions, Make sure to check it out and hear about everything this crazy guy has going on. 

If you want to know more about Dylan 

Dylan Sharpe Racing Social Outlets:
FACEBOOK: Dylan Sharpe Racing -
YOUTUBE : Night Ride (Partner)

Check out all of his awesome sponsors 

ACT Clutch -**Triple Disc Clutch**

Stripping Technologies - **Powdercoating**

Haltech- **ECU and Engine Controls**

TurboSmart - **Turbo Control Solutions**

Renegade Fuels- **Pro E112 Leaded Fuel**

SerialNine - **Handbrake, Bushings, Interior**

FDF Speed Shop - **Roll Cage/ Chassis Fab**

PE Racing - **Pedal Box Assembly**

Tweak'd Performance - **Engine Wiring Harness**

Auto FX - **Tire Mounting and Tow Rig Support**

Rota Wheels Canada - **MXR 18x9.5**

Tuner Tools - **Tuning & Track Support**

Night Ride - **Livery and Media Support**

Radium - **Fuel System Solutions** 

Fuse Fabrication **Exhaust Manifold**

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