Advancement in technology is on the rise. Students are one who makes the most utilization of the latest technologies. Podcasts are one of the latest developments in the field of education. It has helped in making the monotonous life of learners interesting. It has assisted students in master in different subjects of education. It can also be used as a tool to utilize leisure time. Be it for gaining motivation or expanding the knowledge base; podcasts are the best for the students.

Below is a list of popular podcasts among the Australian students.

  • TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour is another interesting webcast for the scholars of Australia. It helps the learners to explore the world of technology better. It educates them about the different perspectives of entertainment. It helps in enhancing the creativity skills of the graduates. The powerful talk ignites motivation within the learners. By listening to the TED talks, they get the requisite inspiration to study. The website helps provide valuable service for creative writing. It also proves to be helpful in custom writing the thesis works. 

  • Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know is a well-known podcast among the graduates of Australia. It is an educational webcast. It gives the learners knowledge about a vast range of subjects and increases their curiosity level. Starting from science to English to sociology, it gives valuable information about all topics. It helps the students in finding the unknown facts and encourages better learning. 

  • Sleek Geek Podcast

This is another best podcast among the students of Australia. It keeps the learners informed with interesting knowledge about everyday science. 

  • How I Built This?

This webcast inspires original thinking among the listeners. It helps scholars to grow into successful entrepreneurs. It initiates innovative thinking and tells about the ways to build a business. The interviews with the pioneers in the field help in knowing the real-life success and failure stories. This is a great service to increase the creativity level. 

  • The Reckoner

This podcast service updates the graduates on account of the developments both in the local and global events. It covers different topics and discusses the various subjects in great detail. It makes the students aware of different best brands and products and enhances their writing. It conveys everything about digestible science. The contents can be useful for thesis work and those undergoing masters programs in AU. Altogether, it makes the thesis writing Austria an easy task for the students.

  • Science Vs

It is another popular podcast in Australia. It tells scholars about the interesting topics of science. It gives information backed with useful evidence. It covers topics like climate change, obesity, vaccines, and much more. 

Students can easily listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime. Apart from gaining more subject knowledge, it also enhances the listening skills of the learners. Be it the history, science or English, with such webcasts, the scholars are motivated to learn more. It is indeed an interesting way to educate the students of AU. Be it simple essays or the complicated thesis works; these podcasts can be of great help for the scholars. It makes the journey of education interesting for curious learners.


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